Cleaning Supplies


The overall impression of an establishment relates to its cleanliness. Thus, Housekeeping plays a crucial role in providing a good name and image to the company, and contributes to the continuous patronage of customers, most especially for hotels, hospitals, resorts, etc.

Janitorial Cleaning Supplies


Buckets and Dipper

Hand held tool bucket
Cleaning wax barrel (with wheels)
Foot pedal extraction bucket (25 lit. capacity)
Black pail (4 gal. capacity)
Dipper (tabo)


Wet Floor Caution Sign

Yellow Caution Board
Small Caution Cone

Miscellaneous Janitorial Supplies

Flannel Cloth/yard
Trigger Sprayer (regular and special)
Fine steel wool (16 pcs./ream)
Feather Duster
Cotton Duster
Ice Tong (stainless)
Spatula (stainless-wood handle)
Toilet Pumps (wood handle big/small)
Cotton Rags (round: white/colored)
Doormats (cotton/rubber)

Dust Bins and Dust Pan

Dust bin (oval-plastic)
Dust bin with swing (big)
Iron wind proof dustpan
Plastic wind proof dustpan
Plastic shovel dustpan
Regular dustpan (black)
Regular dustpan (colored)

Metal Frame with Slot

3 slots- King/Large/Medium/Small
2 slots- King/Large/Medium/Small

Trash Bins

Hood Bin- King/Large/Medium/Small
Ash Trash Bin- Large/Medium/Small
Roller King- Large/Medium (rubber wheels)
Roller King- Large/Medium (plastic wheels)
Trolling Bin with or without wheels


Rubber Ordinary

Oxypro Cleaning System offers complete line of high quality, specially formulated cleaning and sanitation products used by medium to large institutions.

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Markets We Serve

  • Hotels
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Janitorial Services
  • Restaurant
  • Catering Business
  • Office & Commercial Building
  • Healthcare / Hospitality
  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing Companies

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