Alkaid 50
ALKAID 50 is an Alkaline Detergent for CIP, ideal for bottle washing and CIP cleaning. its special low-foam surfactants penetrate quickly, emulsify soil and shorten cleaning time.
  • Ensures quality
  • Save time and money
  • It reduces total cost of cleaning


1. To prepare a 1% solution of free alkalinity, use 1 liter of Alkaid 50 per 71.4 liters of water.

2. CIP systems (cleaning in place) cleaning pipes use 28 ml. Alkaid 50 per 10 liters at 66—74ºC water, for 30-90 minutes.

3. CIP storage tank systems of cold products use 28 ml. Alkaid 50 per 10 liters of water at 57—60 ° C. In large tanks: 8-10 minutes at the recommended temperature. In small tanks: 8-10 minutes at the recommended temperature. Horizontal tank: 8-10 minutes at the recom-mended temperature. In silos: 15-20 minutes at the recommended temperature


PACKING: ALKAID 50 is available in 25 liter jerrican

Oxypro Cleaning System offers complete line of high quality, specially formulated cleaning and sanitation products used by medium to large institutions.

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