Forefront Progress

Oxychem Corporation continues to strive in developing novel ways in cleaning chemicals for all types of industries in the Philippines. To advocate progress means going to the forefront in creating and executing ideas that can help safeguard our health and environment. After all, what matters most is for the best interests of our consumers in providing the best products and high standards in sanitation. That’s what you call forefront progress.

The importance of cleaning the kitchen

In the hotel and restaurant industry, the kitchen is your lifeblood – and you must always make sure it is clean and sanitized. A dirty kitchen makes dirty food which, in turn, gives you sick customers. This is a serious matter, especially in the food business....

Warm your food with Heat Gel

We Filipinos love to eat. Nowadays, most prefer the eat-all-you-can option over the classic fine dining restaurants when choosing a place of celebration. From delectable dishes to scrumptious delights, buffet meals offer a wide variety of hot meals to choose from.

Food Safety and Awareness

Food safety is important for any restaurant or kitchen. Preparation from taking the food out of its packaging, to cutting into the right portions, and eventually to cooking and cleaning requires specific attention to possible contaminants that may cause disease from parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

OxyPro BacFree Effective in Killing Germs

Preliminary tests from the National Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, or UP Biotech, showed that Oxypro Biofree is effective at killing disease-causing germs. Oxypro Biofree is a quality product of Oxychem Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning, sanitation, and preventive maintenance chemicals since 2002.

Our Partner Brands and Company

Oxypro Cleaning System offers complete line of high quality, specially formulated cleaning and sanitation products used by medium to large institutions.

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