Warm for your food with Heat Gel

We Filipinos love to eat.  Nowadays, most prefer the eat-all-you-can option over the classic fine dining restaurants when choosing a place of celebration. From delectable dishes to scrumptious delights, buffet meals offer a wide variety of hot meals to choose from.


The key though to our enjoyment of eating our meals is how the food is served, served hot or cold matters as it defines the flavour of the food.  Oxypro’s Heat Gel makes sure you serve your food warm with it’s long burning time so your customers can enjoy the not only the occasion they are celebrating, but also the meals they share with their loved ones.


Remember that the food quality is as important to the customer, so keep the food warm.


About the Author

John Michael Montilla is a Marketing Specialist at Oxychem Corporation. He usually spends his time reading fictional books, surfing the internet, and hanging out with his friends over a cup of coffee. Loves marketing as a career and continues to leave an impact in every endeavor he pursue.

Oxypro Cleaning System

Oxypro Cleaning System