OxyPro BacFree Effective in Killing Germs


IMG_20160109_135604Preliminary tests from the National Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, or UP Biotech, showed that Oxypro Bacfree is effective at killing disease-causing germs. Oxypro Bacfree is a quality product of Oxychem Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning, sanitation, and preventive maintenance chemicals since 2002.

Initial trials showed that OxyPro Bacfree effectively kills E. coli and S. typhimurium bacteria, which are the major kinds of bacteria found in kitchens and dining rooms. Both are known to cause food poisoning when ingested. Applying Oxypro Bacfree to kitchen sinks, countertops, and dining room tables not just cleans but stop the spread of these germs.

More tests are being conducted to include all products under the Oxypro brand to ensure their effectiveness in cleaning and sanitation for the benefit of its present and future consumers.


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Jonas Marie Dumdum is a Strategic Planning Officer at Oxychem Corporation and a Registered Chemist. He spends his free time reading nonfiction books, writing both prose and poetry, and food trips around the country.

Oxypro Cleaning System

Oxypro Cleaning System