Odor Go can now be used on food contact surfaces

Odor Go Certified

It is with great pride we announce that OxyPro’s Odor Go is now officially certified as SAFE TO USE ON FOOD CONTACT SURFACES.
The product was tested by Intertek, a reputable third party analysis laboratory, and confirmed that Odor Go is an effective antibacterial agent when used in the recommended dilution ratio and does not contain heavy metals.
Odor Go is a breakthrough product which is both an air freshener and a disinfectant. These functions enable Odor Go to eliminate odor and illness-causing bacteria! Get one now and bring that clean smell to homes, hospitals, restaurants, and schools.
Remember: at OxyPro, we always ensure to provide safe and high quality chemicals to meet your every cleaning need with integrity.



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Oxypro Cleaning System

Oxypro Cleaning System