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A Helpful Guide for Doing the Laundry - Oxypro

A Helpful Guide for Doing the Laundry

Knowing the basic laundry procedure will not just help you to save time but save money as well! Knowing the proper way of doing it will maintain and prolong the quality of your clothes.

There is a step by step process in doing the laundry that should be followed to achieve the best quality of cleaning. Without further ado, here are the steps for the laundry process:

  1. Sort your dirty laundry according to color, fabric, and soil degree and type

Separate your clothes to three different stacks: Whites, Colored, and Blacks. This should help avoid staining your white fabric from nearby pigments. As an extra step, make sure to wash the lightly colored ones separately to preserve their color quality.

On each stack, try your best to sort each piece by their fabric types to save yourself from possible dye-transfer problems. Watch out! Synthetic fibers can be dye magnets that absorb castoffs from their dye-rich natural fiber neighbors.

Finally, grouping the clothes by their soil type will help save you from the chances of getting the marks of the dirtier clothes on the cleaner ones. [1]

  1. Perform spotting on rust-soiled clothes

Make proper preparations by wearing gloves, a face mask, and goggles when doing this.

Spot clean the affected area of the fabric with cotton swabs soaked in the right cleaning chemicals to remove the stain. Once done, be sure to thoroughly rinse it with water.

  1.  Operate the washing machine

Ensure that you have all the laundry chemicals you need. Load the soiled clothes in the washer and choose the program for the specific type of soiled clothes you’re trying to clean.

  1. After rinsing, load the rinsed clothes in the dryer.

Place the washed fabrics in the dryer and select appropriate heat level and cycle duration. Give any twisted garments a good shake before you load them to give them a dry smooth and wrinkle-free finish. Leave delicate clothing hanging on a dryer rack or from a clothesline to air-dry. [1]




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