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Food Safety and Awareness - Oxypro

Food Safety and Awareness


Food safety is important for any restauis098zz9rrant or kitchen. Preparation from taking the food out of its packaging, to cutting into the right portions, and eventually to cooking and cleaning requires specific attention to possible contaminants that may cause disease from parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Illnesses due to poor food preparation may be due to the following factors:


  1. Purchasing food form unsafe sources – food purchased from unclean environments such as meat bought from public markets without NMIS-approved abattoirs could potentially cause bacteria such as food-poisonous bacteria such as Salmonella sp. to grow.
  2. Failing to cook food correctly – doing so may not eliminate all harmful microbes in the food, which includes tapeworms and ringworms.
  3. Holding food at incorrect temperatures – doing so spoils the food and will cause related illnesses.
  4. Use of contaminated equipment – this would cause cross-contamination of raw food.
  5. Practicing poor personal hygiene – coughing or sneezing will cause the spread of bacteria to the food and ingested to those who would be eating.

With these in mind, we must be mindful of preventive measures to increase food safety.

  1. Food should be bought in places that are clean and certified safe by government or health agencies near your home.
  2. Do not leave your food out in the open for too long in the open. Microorganisms can easily thrive between 5°C and 57°C for more than four hours. The best solution is to heat up your food if it is not consumed immediately, or put the food inside the refrigerator or freezer.
  3. Covering your mouth and any cuts or bruises prevents cross-contamination of pathogens to the body. Physical hygiene prior to food preparation is extremely advised.
  4. Cleaning any kitchenware using antibacterial agents or sanitizers, such as Oxypro Bacfree, eliminates contamination and cross-contamination due to unclean knives, cutting boards, or pans.
  5. Always make sure that you buy the right materials to maximize effective cleaning in your home.

Always remember that by preparing your food safely will keep your family always happy.


12120201_10156150471925652_5843126980342026366_oAbout the Author

Jonas Marie Dumdum is a Strategic Planning Officer at Oxychem Corporation and a Registered Chemist. He spends his free time reading nonfiction books, writing both prose and poetry, and food trips around the country.

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