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A Spark of Innovation - Oxypro

A Spark of Innovation


Night Descends Upon Us

Picture this: You’re out alone in the woods, wandering alone and lost but not undersupplied. Checking the contents of your bag, you find canned food, water, clothes, a bedroll, matches and your favorite book. Everything should be set! Well, it should be until you realize that it was getting dark, real fast- you have wondered for too long that it’s now nighttime…

Unlike the city where streetlights and houses decorate the darkness with bright lively lights and the noise of cars and music would make any city kid feel at home, this one is the plain opposite! Dense greenery surrounds you left and right, front and back. You can’t see anything beyond two feet ahead of you. This is no time to be looking for firewood. A puff of white mist emanates from your mouth and signals that, with no people nearby, the night will be cold, colder than what most can survive to. Things are getting bad.

In sheer desperation, you scramble your hands around the contents of your pack until you felt something hard and cold. You grab it and pull it out. Struggling to read the label, you make out the words:

“Heat Gel”

You’re saved! One flick of your matches on the opened can sparks a warm flame with a soothing blue glow. Now break out that can of luncheon meat in your bag and let’s start cooking!


A Portable Bonfire

Oxypro’s Heat Gel offers hours of light and heat which can be placed in any dry, capped chafing dish. With its unique methanol-based formulation, the Heat Gel takes pride with its signature blue flame which can heat up to temperatures reaching 1,800°C! The Heat Gel burns silently and efficiently as long as it is placed inside its appropriate container. And when only a weak flicker remains after its burn, no traces of black soot can be found on the dish.

Use it either as a light source or as a sustainable cooking flame, Oxypro’s Heat Gel will not disappoint.

Picture this: You’re stranded in the middle of the woods, but this time, you have a portable bonfire in your pocket!


rafAbout the Author

A man of one too many words. When you get Raf talking about something interesting, it’s going to take some effort to stop the train of the conversation from jumping one station to another. He believes that any answer can be found in the vast network of information that is the internet. ‘You just need to know the right keywords to input!’ His lifelong dream is to be able to answer any technical question thrown at him, or die trying. One could say he lives to research the many curiosities of this world, there are just too many unanswered questions.

Surely a meeting of the minds with him would be a fascinating experience. He is not afraid to open both his mind and mouth to share what he knows – he is not even embarrassed of writing a vainglorious review of himself (except in the presence of his mother, she is an exception).

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Oxypro Cleaning System

Oxypro Cleaning System