Oxypro Plus Dispensing System

Combination of high quality cleaning products & effective dispensing system to deliver an optimum cleaning & sanitation

Oxypro Specialty Cleaning Chemicals

Wide range of specially formulated cleaning and sanitation chemicals used by medium to large scale institutions.

Oxypro Cleaning Supplies

Commercial Janitorial Supplies and cleaning products to help keep your workplace clean, polished and germ free.

Cleaning Equipment

Complete line of commercial and industrial maintenance products for today’s cleaning industry.

OXYPRO has solutions to any cleaning and sanitation needs you might have, from housekeeping, ware washing, laundry and general-purpose cleaning. Count on OXYPRO to consistently deliver quality and cost-efficient products to satisfy your cleaning and sanitation needs.

Total Cleaning Solutions Provider

Oxychem Corporation, maker of OXYPRO Specialty Cleaning Chemicals is committed to deliver “Total Customer Satisfaction”.

We have expanded our business from a manufacturer of high quality and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and added a complete selection of commercial grade cleaning supplies and equipment that answers to practically all of our customer’s cleaning and sanitation requirements, thus, further strengthening our position as the country’s leading provider of total cleaning solutions.

OXYPRO Specialty Cleaning Chemicals is a wide range of specially formulated cleaning and sanitation chemicals used by medium to large scale institutions like hotels, resorts, hospitals, manufacturing plants and semiconductors.

Markets We Serve


Providing crisp, clean sheets and linens for guests is something many establishments take pride in. Apart from technological innovation, education can go a long way towards helping improve sustainability and savings for Commercial Laundry Industry. Read more…


Running a good Catering & Restaurants require practice of good hygiene and clean surroundings. This is the aspect of every restaurant that has both the power to drive customers away incredibly easily and bring them in by the crowd at the same time. Read more…


The overall impression of an establishment relates to its cleanliness. Thus, housekeeping plays a crucial role in providing a good name and image to the company, and contributes to the continuous patronage of customers, most especially for hotels, hospitals, resorts, etc. Read more…


Cleaning and sanitation can even be considered as one of the most important activities in the  food manufacturing establishments, as these measures provide the necessary environment for  proper  handling and processing of food. Read more…


Building Maintenance is an integral aspect in the success of every hotel. Making sure that hotel premises/facilities  are always clean and in good condition will benefit in utilizing the maximum efficiency of your business. If you need a partner in cleaning and sanitation, Oxypro has a complete line of commercial cleaning supplies and equipment that provides innovative solutions backed with high standards, reliable service and support.


If there is an industry where effective practice of hygiene is very critical, it is in the healthcare industry. It is important that these healthcare facilities must be very particular and vigilant in safeguarding the health and well-being of not only their patients but their employees and residents as well.

OXYPRO Specialty Chemicals and OXYPRO PLUS Cleaning system helps in this cause by ensuring that their facilities are well cleaned and sanitized.

Latest News

A Clean Grill is a Healthy Grilling Experience!

A Clean Grill is a Healthy Grilling Experience! Summer means firing up our grills almost every day of the week. Many go to beaches, have picnics in the park or go camping with family and friends for nice outdoor activities. Filipinos are known enthusiasts when it... read more


Our Business Partner for Cleaning Solutions Provider since 2012. Their products are highly effective together with good customer service.

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Oxypro Cleaning System offers complete line of high quality, specially formulated cleaning and sanitation products used by medium to large institutions.

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Markets We Serve

  • Hotels
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Janitorial Services
  • Restaurant
  • Catering Business
  • Office & Commercial Building
  • Healthcare / Hospitality
  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing Companies

Product Application

  • Laundry Specialty Cleaning Chemicals
  • Housekeeping Specially Cleaning Chemicals
  • Kitchen care specialty cleaning chemicals
  • Food Mfg. specialty cleaning chemicals
  • Automatic Chemical Dispense
  • Janitorial Cleaning Supplies
  • Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Equipment

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